Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles

Bear Creek Model Railroad, LLC is proud to introduce a new partner bringing another  superior product for the model railroad hobbyist. Bear Creek Model Railroad introducing.      Jeffrey Pasquiér

Jeffrey, without a doubt, is at the top of his craft. Jeff is retired from surveying and construction (1977–2012). He worked as a land surveyor mapper and roadway and bridge inspector and owned a concrete construction company.

All during his working career he maintained his skills as a woodworker. Taking his knowledge and skills to a another level,
he began to build a new business in wood crafting after closing his business.

Jeffrey is a long time hobbyist of scaled model railroading beginning in 1963. When Jeffrey builds a
scale model bridge, no details are over looked.

His bridge designs are scaled after authentic bridges. Some are historic and some are still in use today.

Bridgeworks  series of HO scaled bridges fully assemble, primed and ready for weathering.

Bridgeworks is also offering custom built bridges. Details for this feature is coming at a later date.


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