Jeff Pasquier Bio

Jeff Pasquier  Bio                                                                         September 14, 2016

As a youngster I was always building boats, go-carts or forts (in trees and in the
ground) with whatever materials I could find from house building sites during the
60s pulling my wagon around the new neighborhood.
After college and vocational school education, I worked as a land surveyor in the
mining industry from 1977 to 1981.
I also worked in the heavy construction industry inspecting work by contractors
building roads and bridges, from about 1983 to 1997.
Then from 1998 to 2012, I co-owned a company building concrete
structures and drainage systems for public works entities.
I closed my construction company in 2012, due to the Great Recession of the late
2000s, and began turning my woodworking hobby into a business.
I have built home additions to small jewelry boxes, to model train bridges. The model train
bridges came from my own love of the hobby, that my dad started in me one
Christmas, giving me my first Atlas & Lionel HO scale train set on a 4’x 8′ sheet of
plywood in 1963 when I was 6½.
I design all my bridges from either scratch from my own ideas of what I want them
to look like, or from photos or blue prints of existing bridges. I like to use and various books I have collected over the years. This
hobby is very relaxing and allows me to live vicariously thru my clients’ railroads.