All Gauge Model Railroading

Step by Step HO layout #1

Build a layout at your leisure.

Beginning with two loops, we can gradually expand to a much larger layout
with several sidings.  You can build the entire layout at once, if you
have the materials.  If you must acquire track a little at a time, you
can add to it in the stages described here.  Adding is easy, and won’t
leave your trains idle for long.

This layout starts at 4′ by 6′.  In the last stage, if you want, you
can expand to 4′ by 8′.

We start with two loops of track.  The inner uses 18″ curves, the outer
is 22″ radius  Our layout is build in a 4′ by 6′ area.

Two standard HO switches connect the loops, allowing a train to run both.

A pair of switches allows us the make a passing siding inside the inner loop.

One more switch leads to a siding, or spur.

An additional switch makes another, smaller siding.

Here we expand the layout 2′ to the right.  We extend the loop with
a pair of switches.
We can add three switches, one at a time, to make
three sidings.
Note that the curves on the added loop are 22″ radius.