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Bear Creek Model Railroad

HO Scale Track Template Kit_wp


by Bear Creek Model Railroad,LLC

HO Scale Track Template Kit
“For The Beginner Or Advanced Scale Model Railroad Hobbyists”

Bear Creek Model Railroad, LLC is proud to introduce HO scale track template kit for a full size HO layout planning. This unique kit uses track templates to assist planning of your layouts roadbed.

Plan your entire layout in full size even before you start your bench work.


Track Template Sec.All sections are interlocking, once these sections are interlocked, they may be removed to the floor or bench work for creating your personal layout.

The width of the of the template is correct for the a 36 inch flex track.

All the crossing and switches are accurate for the tracing of the roadbed.

Follow all traced lines for cutting of baseboard or laying of the roadbed.

Once you have traced around all of the templates stand back and be proud of your unique HO scaled layout.
Here are a list of starter HO track layouts

Kit contains 43 pieces

30, 45, 60, 90 degree crossings 1 section each
No. 4 switch (left or right) 4
No. 6 switch (left or right) 4
Wye 4
18 degree radius track 2
20 degree radius track 2
22 degree radius track 2
24 degree radius track 2
26 degree radius track 3
28 degree radius track 3
30 degree radius track 3
32 degree radius track 2
34 degree radius track 2
Straight Track 6
Here are a list of starter HO track layouts


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