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 Model Railroad
Switch Machine
Snaps Connector
Solderless 8 Position Wiring Block
by Bear Creek Model Railroad,LLC

Are You Considering Mounting Tortoise™ Switch Machines?


Bear Creek Model Railroad,LLC introduces “Snaps” for the railroad hobbyists adding
switching to their layout.

SNAPS are just what the product says,(It snaps on to your Tortoise ™ switch machine with screw in terminal connections.)
No more Soldering !
This makes connecting the Tortoise switch machine,IntuiSwitch and signals to power an easy task.
So next time you are under your layout and having soldering problems try Snaps.

Pack Of Two Connector Blocks
Now With Stay Put Shims!

 It is composed of a connector that SNAPS onto the Tortoise and a 8 position wiring block for wiring up the Tortoise!
All SNAPS! will be shipping with the new STAY PUT SHIMS!
Pack Of Two Connector Blocks






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