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by Bear Creek Model Railroad,LLC

Would you feel better to know
all switches are in the correct position?
All within a quick glance!

It’s important to avoid a train wreck!

IntuiSwitch Can Assure That You Are On The Right Track.


This product has been around for some time. Up until now it’s been too complicated and expensive.

We have spent a year working with the IntuiSwitch, consulting with model railroad hobbyists, listening to comments and suggestions at train shows, and working the controllers on our layout performing extensive testing.
The IntuiSwitch now meets the standard of quality that we demand in our products.
We are finally ready to offer the IntuiSwitch Controller Kit pack.

Are you ready to upgrade and convert your layout to the new, updated innovative IntuiSwitch controllers?

Are you working on building your layout and want to install the best-updated controllers?
It will be worth your while to give this system a closer look!

Look ahead in planning the finished electronics of your new layout. These turnout controllers will put you miles ahead.

IntuiSwitch (Fascia Mounted Turnout Controller) was introduced in 2017 to the Model Train Hobbyists by Bear Creek Model Railroad, LLC. The Four Controller Kit pack will work for scales N, HO, O, and ON3.

The IntuiSwitch Kit
Gives You A Choice Of Any 4 Controllers Seen Below Pending on Your Switching Needs
Click Images To See IntuiSwitch

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The Intuiswitch Kit is designed to simplify the replacement of your existing switches.
The design reduced the amount of soldering using terminal blocks and the reduction of a wiring rat nest.

(Fascia Mounted Turnout Controller) Introduced in 2017 to the Model Train Hobbyists by Bear Creek Model

Railroad ,LLC the four controller kit for N, HO, O, and ON3 scales.

The fascia mounted turnout controller is a knobless tactile turnout switch with a curved housing, which prevents accidental activation from bumping or clothing snags.

The turnout controller is a momentary contact switch. Press the blue dimple button and the output and switch machine changes state. Switching from green light (normal main line track ) to red light (divergent siding track) or the reverse can be viewed at a distance, for day or night operations.

If power is turned off, the controller remembers the state it was in, preventing any track direction change.

You have a choice of IntuiSwitch configurations: LL, LR, UL, UR, CL or CR.

The size of the switch controller is 2.5” wide x 1.5” high x .5” deep with the hard molded Plexiglas black face plate printed with a track diagram.

All of the electronics, rectifier and wire fit under the IntuiSwitch. With its small profile, this turnout controller can be installed almost anywhere on your fascia.

The four wires can fit through a drill hole 1/4”. Peel off red liner to expose the adhesive mounting strip and press the turnout to the fascia. Wiring is made simple with color coded wire and complete instructions and pictures. It is recommended that stall-motors switch machines.

Tortoise, Switch-Master, Switch Tender, etc (not included) can be used with this switch controller.
The Switch Machine is Not Included in the Kit.

The correct power supply pack for stall-motors is included in the kit.

You can use the DDC track buss line which is above 12 volts but below 27 volts. It is recommended in order to save the DDC power supply capacity for running engines.

IntuiSwitch Fascia Mounted Turnout Controller Kit Pack

Kit Includes:

  • Your choice of any 4 turnout controllers
  • One 12 VDC power supply pack
  • 24 feet of 22 gauge wire
  • #7 position terminal blocks
  • Mounting tape
  • Wiring diagram

Turnout Controller Kit pack

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Reorder or additional of individual IntiuSwitch Turnout Controls

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To select your 4 Type of

Intuiswitch included in your kit go the the category page. Click Here