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Train Display Case

Train Display Case

With my very small collection of locomotives and rolling stock starting to grow, I needed someplace to store them while not in use (which is 99% of the time as my layout is still under construction). Even though my collection is currently very small, it is ever so slowly growing, I needed more of a long-term storage solution. I searched my shed and basement and managed to round up just enough scrap material to construct a wood display case, which will mount to the wall adjacent to my layout.   
Model train display caseModel train display case

The case frame measures 37 ½” inches wide by 35” tall and is constructed from 3” x 3/4” lumber, screwed and glued together at the corners. The 6 shelves are made of 2” x 5/8” lumber, and are 36” long, allowing for a full length of flex track to be mounted. The shelves were then mounted to the frame with screws and wood glue. The backing is made from 1/8” thick hardboard.
Installed model train display case
As I said before, this was made almost completely from scrap materials, and was done easily on a Saturday afternoon. It is nothing fancy or complicated, but at least I have a place to store, display, and protect my locomotives and rolling stock. Next week I will hopefully also add horizontal sliding glass or clear acrylic doors to keep the dust out.

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