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Turntable Upgrade

Turntable Upgrade
While working on my hard shell scenery, I thought that it would be a good idea to also update my turntable to make it look a little more realistic. I wasn’t very fond of all the extra, unused entrance slots in the turntable, nor did I like its original glossy-gray paint job (which was a result of being one of the first structures I’d ever painted on my layout). The paint job I originally did on the rotating table itself wasn’t half bad, but it too definitely needed some weathering effects.

Atlas turntable upgrade

I started by first cutting styrene into curved strips to cover the tops and sides of the unused entrance slots. Once glued on and painted a light gray colour, the foundation now looks solid and specifically built to match my track and not as if the engine is just going to roll on off the table at any point. I also painted the small shack that covers the turntable motor. I then weathered the turntable, foundation, and motor shack with various powdered pastels that I applied with an old paintbrush. The whole structure was then sprayed with a final layer of dull-coat, which seals in the pastel weathering and prevents it from rubbing off if touched.

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